X Ambassadors

Termin 2017 si incep 2018 cu X Ambassadors intr-un mini playlist pe repeat, ca o mantra.
Imi place linistea si energia pe care mi-o transmit in acelasi timp.
E asa, o cursivitate pe care mi-as dori sa mi-o insusesc.

  • Renegades
  • Unsteady
  • Gorgeous
  • Nervous
  • Low Life
  • Jungle (feat. Jamie N. Commons)
  • Naked
  • Machine Gun Kelly X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha – Home
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[Pe Repeat] The Motans

Imi plac motanii pentru ca sunt poeti. I mean:

În lumea ei numele meu e nimeni,

Iar în a mea o cheamă niciodată.

Preferatele mele sunt (in ordine vag anti-cronologica):

  • Friend Zone
  • Lilith
  • Nota de plata (feat. INNA)
  • August
  • 1000 RPM
  • Tu
  • Weekend (feat. Delia)
  • Versus
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There’s a special empty place in me. And apparently it can only be filled with the anger of those teenage hooligans, Oasis. teenage angst of those young hooligans, Oasis.

Ma refer, desigur, la piesele anilor ’90, ascultate tare tare de tot, simtite vibrand in piept, on a random Wednesday.

And the best thing, ironically, este amaraciunea, innecacioasa ca o gutuie, din piesele mai noi, ale adultilor-inca-vag-revoltati.

Pastrez, in ordine cronologica:

  • Cigarettes & Alcohol
  • Live Forever
  • Rock’n’Roll Star
  • ShakerMaker
  • Slide Away
  • Supersonic
  • Up In The Sky


  • Cast No Shadow
  • Champagne Supernova
  • Don’t Look Back In Anger
  • Hello
  • Hey Now
  • Morning Glory
  • Roll With Me
  • She’s Electric
  • Wonderwall


  • Be Here Now
  • Don’t Go Away
  • I Hope, I Think, I Know
  • Stand By Me
  • The Girl In The Dirty Shirt\


  • Aquiesce
  • Underneath The Sky
  • Talk Tonight
  • Rockin’ Chair
  • Half The World Away
  • Stay Young
  • The Masterplan


  • Go Let It Out
  • Let’s All Make Believe
  • Sunday Morning Call
  • Where Did It All Go Wrong


  • All In The Mind, [Probably]
  • Born On A Different Cloud
  • Force Of Nature
  • Little By Little
  • She Is Love
  • Songbird
  • Stop Crying Your Heart Out
  • The Hindu Times
  • You’ve Got A Heart Of Star


  • A Bell Will Ring
  • Let There Be Love
  • Love Like A Bomb
  • Lyla
  • Part of the Queue
  • The Importance of Being Idle
  • Turn Up The Sun


  • [Get Off Your] High Horse Lady
  • Ain’t Got Nothin’
  • Bag It Up
  • Falling Down
  • I’m Outta Time
  • The Shock Of The Lightning
  • The Turning
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Dubioza Kolektiv

Cum, voi nu ascultati Bosnian dub-reggae? Big mistake! Press play pentru preferatii mei, Dubioza Kolektiv:

  • Cannot Forgive
  • Bosnafaria
  • Firma ilegal
  • Oni dolaze
  • Vlast i policija
  • Stav ft. Gino Banana
  • Walter
  • Recesija
  • Kokuz
  • Vidi, Vidi, Vidi
  • Njihovi i nasi
  • Balkan Funk
  • Wake Up
  • Euro Song
  • Making Money
  • USA
  • Warning
  • Celebrate the Riot
  • Whistleblower
  • Tranzicija
  • Prvi maj
  • Kažu
  • Volio BiH
  • Krivo je more 2
  • Brijuni
  • 99% feat. La Plebe
  • Sjećam se feat. Atheist Rap & Hladno pivo
  • Free MP3
  • Hay Libertad feat La Pegatina
  • 29No Escape (From Balkan)
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Heaven & Hell

I don’t usually do this… but here goes!

Eu de Halloween-ul asta o sa ascult Heaven & Hell!

Nu, nu faptul ca ascult Heaven&Hell este noutatea, ci faptul ca asociez Halloween-ul cu ceva!

Heaven & Hell imi plac, e genul de rock classic-goth, flamboyant, heavy-metal – care imi place, dar pe care nu il pot asculta zi de zi din motive evidente. Insa le-am dat play zilele astea si o sa profit si de H-day ca sa ii ascult excesiv. Poate chiar cu ferestrele deschise.

  • Atom & Evil
  • Fear
  • Bible Black
  • Double The Pain
  • Rock And Roll Angel
  • The Turn Of The Screw
  • Eating The Cannibals
  • Follow The Tears
  • Neverwhere
  • Breaking Into Heaven
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[Pe Repeat] We Singing Colors – Get Up Slowly

The sound of Summer


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[Pe Repeat] The Chainsmokers & Coldplay – Something Just Like This


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